Abstract Guidelines
  • Languages of the congress are English and Turkish. Abstract must be submitted in English. While poster and oral presentations to be prepared in English, the oral presentations can be presented in English or Turkish. The Scientific Programme Committee reserves the right to allocate abstracts to either oral presentations or poster sessions.
  • Abstracts should be included by at least one of the titles listed on the home page.
  • Abstracts should be submitted ONLY via INTERNET from the congress website (www.witam2016.ahievran.edu.tr).
  • Abstracts will be evaluated by scientific committee of the congress and at least two scientific referees.
  • Submitted abstracts will be published in the scientific program and abstract book. At least one author, in case of multiple authors, is expected to attend and register for this congress. The unregistered authors of the abstracts will not take place in the scientific program.
  • Please consider that abstracts can not be changed after submission.
Editorial Guidelines
  • Any error in spelling, grammar or scientific facts will be published as you typed them.
  • Text should be included title, name and surname, address, e-mail, keywords and at least two references. There should be any figure, table or graphic in the abstract.
  • The title of the abstract should be brief and reflect the content of the abstract. Each Word in the title of the abstract must be capitalized. Please enter the FIRST NAME in full, followed by the LAST NAME, for each author without abbreviations (e.g. John Smith , and NOT J. Smith).
  • Abstract should be clear, subject should be orijinal, method should be appropriate and the results should be align with the methods.
  • The abstracts should be written in Time New Roman character. The title of abstracts should be written in 14 punto and bold, name, surname, institutions and e-mail should be written in 12 punto (italic). Text should be one space and written in 12 punto. 
  • Abstracts must be prepared according to the abstract template and abstract sampleAbstracts should not exceed one page.
Poster Abstracts Guideline
  • The presentation date and time will be sent them before the congress by the organization secreteriat. Each poster presenters should be ready at the poster room at that time.
  • Organization secreteriat will help to the presenters to post them.
  • Posters should be read comfortably in two metres, if possible graphic or shape should be prepared in such a way that will attract interest and emphasis.
  • The size should be prepared in 75 cm (wide) X 90 cm (height).
  • Each word in the title of the poster abstract must be capitalized.
  • Please enter the FIRST NAME in full, followed by the LAST NAME, for each author without abbreviations (e.g. John Smith, and NOT J. Smith).
  • The posters will include footnote references in the text.

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